This training course is for people who conduct internal or external moderation of assessments against standards, including national curriculum statements, unit standards, exit level outcomes or qualifications.

Those who have achieved this unit standard will be able to moderate assessments activities in terms of the relevant standards and quality assurance requirements.

In particular, they will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of moderation within the context of a standards-based assessment system
  • Plan and prepare for moderation
  • Conduct moderation
  • Advise and Support Learners
  • Report, record and administer moderation, and
  • Review moderation systems and procedures

The focus of the moderator is to moderate the People, Process and Products.

Prior Learning Requirements

  • The moderator candidate should have previous assessment experience, and in particular, recognition for the unit standard 7978 or new 115753: Conduct standards-based assessment.
  • It is further assumed that the person has evaluative expertise within the field in which they are moderating assessments.


  • Video facilitation leading a 2-day training workshop at skills programmes level.
  • A template is provided for the required Portfolio.
  • Six weeks workplace assessment – to moderate the people, process and product
  • Portfolio completed within 6-8 weeks
  • Once you have successfully completed this unit standard you will have to register with your individual SETA as a Moderator.

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